Slippers & Sandals

Your little one lives in constant movement, so you should make sure to compliment her style with these slippers for girls.  A beautiful synthetic cut decorated with a flirty application, these are baby girl sandals, are surely going to fascinate your princess.  Lightweight, the comfortable and non-slippery material of toddler girl slippers let your little one protected from unnecessary falls and give her security at each step she takes. Our little girl sandals get a very modern effect with their details: perfect to combine with a lot of different styles.  The perfect design of baby girl slippers can match with any outfit! So get your hands now and buy girls sandals online only from Bachaa Party now!


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    1. Girls Slippers Hello Kitty
    2. Girls Slippers Hello Kitty
    3. Girls Slippers Doraemon
    4. Girls Slippers Sofia
    5. Girls Slippers Sofia
    6. Girls Slippers Sofia
    7. Girls Slippers Sofia
    8. Girls Slippers Sofia
    9. Girls Slippers Sofia
    10. Girls Slippers Princess
    11. Girls Slippers Princess
    12. Girls Sandal 717-14- Gold
    13. Girls Sandal 717-14- Silver
    14. Girls Sandal 720-5- Pink
    15. Girls Sandal 720-5- Black
    16. Girls Sandal 721-7- Beige/Gold
    17. Girls Sandal 721-7- White/Gold
    18. Girls Sandal 712-30- Black
    19. Girls Sandal 712-30- Beige
    20. Girls Sandal 526- Pink
    21. Girls Sandal 526- Gold
    22. Girls Sandal 526- Silver
    23. Girls Sandal 623-9- Silver
    24. Girls Sandal 623-9- Gold
    25. Girls Sandal 3617-2- White
    26. Girls Sandal 3617-2- Gold
    27. Girls Sandal 623-7- White
    28. Girls Sandal 92020- Gold
    29. Girls Sandal 92020- Silver
    30. Girls Sandal 0366-064- Gold

    Items 1-30 of 43

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