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Doll up your princes in our mesmerizing Girls Apparels online collection! It’s time to give an incredible outfit to your little one! The wait is over now, Bachaa Party is offering one of the most anticipated collections of this season. So give your princes a beautiful and fashionable look that she requires in her day to day style. We offer girl apparel online that you love to see on your little princess. To make her casual look full of life Bachaa Party offer pure cotton and stylish dresses in cute variant colours.

So, if your little one wants to look like a princess, Buy girls apparel online in Pakistan now! We at Bachaa party make sure to provide you with the same product that you see in the image. So don’t hesitate! Select your favourite item now and get it received at your doorstep because this latest baby collection is what your little doll need for her flawless look! Revitalize your little girl style to the fullest! Our new collection is something that just can’t be missed on any occasion.From casual to party wear, we have everything to satisfy your style craving! Get your hands now and order girls apparel online at the most competitive price!


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  1. Girls T-shirt Butterfly
  2. Girls Hooded T-shirt Happy
  3. Girls Denim Short
    Girls Denim Short
  4. Girls Denim Short
    Girls Denim Short
  5. Girls Denim Short Ripped / Blast blue
  6. Girls Denim Short Ripped / Blast Dark blue
  7. Girls T-Shirt Frozen
  8. Girls Fancy T-shirt Question - Black
  9. Girls Fancy T-shirt Question - Purple
  10. Girls Fancy T-shirt Question - Beige
  11. Girls Tights Printed- T1
  12. Girls Tights Printed- T2
  13. Girls Tights Printed- T3
  14. Girls Tights Printed- T4
  15. Girls Tights Printed- T5
  16. Girls Tights Printed- T6
  17. Girls Tights Printed- T7
  18. Girls Tights Printed- T8
  19. Girls Tights Printed- T9
  20. Girls Tights Printed- T10
  21. Girls Tights Printed- T11
  22. Girls Tights Printed- T12
  23. Girls Tights Printed- T13
  24. Girls Tights Printed- T14
  25. Girls T-shirt Bird - Purple
  26. Girls T-shirt Bird - Sky Blue
  27. Girls T-shirt Bird - Yellow
  28. Girls T-shirt Sequence Flamingo - Red
  29. Girls T-shirt Sequence Flamingo - Yellow
  30. Girls T-shirt Sequence Flamingo - Navy Blue

Items 1-30 of 40

per page
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