What Goes In A Teddy Bear?

Stuff Toys

Perhaps one of the first toys any child gets at just a few months old is a stuffed toy – usually a stuffed bear. Stuffed toys (sometimes referred to as plushies/plush toys) are one of the oldest toys in history, with prehistoric versions dating back centuries!

Stuffed toys literally come in all shapes in sizes, from the size of a finger to some stuffed toys measuring over 6 feet! It's no surprise they are so popular. Whether it's a popular cartoon or movie character, a cute animal, or literally anything one can imagine.

Stuffed toys are loved by children (and even a lot of adults!) for their tendency to be squishy, huggable, and most importantly, lovable! They come in a variety of different fillings, whether it's plastic, rubber, and even steel! Obviously, these are blatant choking hazards for children, so hard stuffing toys are rarely seen, if ever.

The most common filling for stuffed toys is undoubtedly the corn fiberfill. It has a similar texture to poly-fiber and is soft while also having the ability to maintain whatever shape it's shaped into. Additionally, it has a very low flammability rate and is washable AND hypoallergenic! It doesn't get better than this!

The next contender on the list is more common – wool. Wool stuffing is one of the oldest stuffing materials and has been around for literally centuries. Unlike other stuffings, wool adds considerable weight to the stuffed toy, which gives the feel of a "heavy" stuffed toy. Some of the firmest stuffed toys are usually made of wool. The only downside of a woolen stuffed toy is that they are not machine washable, and the fact they are now quite expensive compared to others.

Cotton fiber is another fantastic natural product that doesn't spring back as much as the previous two. It offers a much more dense, firm stuffing and is most commonly seen in older stuffed bears. With the introduction of synthetic poly-fiber, cotton has all but lost its relevance as the latter offers machine-friendly, hypoallergenic and the cheapest alternative to everything stuffed!

Uncommon in Pakistan, there are bamboo stuffed toys as well as the fibrous texture offering similar results as cotton, as well as Kapok – a fiber found from a particular type of tree in Indonesia and Thailand.

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