Welcoming New Year with the Spirit of Kindness, Love and Hope

Welcoming New Year with the Spirit of Kindness, Love and Hope





In a year when world needs compassion more than ever, Bachaa Party celebrated Year End and New Year with the act of giving back to the society through a CSR campaign initiated in collaboration with Anoushey Ashraf and Help Us Help Karachi.

The campaign was launched with collection of funds by Anoushey Ashraf to buy toys for the children at Al Mustafa Welfare Society and Sarim Burney Trust, Karachi. PKR 100,000 were to be collected in funds for toys to be donated to orphans as a kind farewell to 2020 and having a wonderful start to 2021. Help Us Help Karachi assisted Anoushey Ashraf for collection of overall funds for this donation drive where Anoushey Ashraf made the appeal through her official Instagram account.




Anoushey Ashraf, a renowned VJ, and now a leading host was the face of the campaign, who was personally involved throughout the project in an out! From collecting funds to visiting the orphanages, she was into it completely. Though the idea was to collect PKR 100,000, the amount reached up to PKR 200,000. Whereas, Bachaa Party further added 20% price deduction in order to cover larger number of children.

More than 230 toy gift sets were distributed among the male kids at Al Mustafa Welfare Society and Female orphan minors at Ansar Burney Trust, collectively. The campaign was a part of Bachaa Party’s signature initiative named Bachaa Party (BP) Smiles, where various CSR campaigns are documented. Bachaa Party initially did a similar campaign with Shaniera Akram, where they distributed more than 150 toy gifts to the children at National Institute of Child Health.




The Pause that Revived “New Normal”


Since Bachaa Party had scale down its marketing activities in 2020, the brand was looking out for something that could help refreshing the pause! It was then, we decided to embrace the “New Normal”, while coming up with campaigns that are need of the hour as well as a breakthrough in these uncertain times.


Considering the fact that COVID-19 has been playing a major role in our lives, for more than a year now, it was tough to decide upon the “Why” and “How” elements of the campaign. it was of utmost importance that we are clear upon “Why we are doing, what we are doing?” and “How?”


This campaign under BP Smiles initiative by Bachaa Party, encouraged everyone to embrace change, envision possibilities and appreciate things they’ve been taking for granted. Bachaa Party wanted to make an effort to spread positivity; at least within its own capacity.





Together is Beautiful

The purpose of campaign was to spread smiles, love, hope and cultivate a sense of togetherness in these tough times. Further uplifting and sustaining society’s faith in positivity, while the world continues to navigate challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s no secret that 2020 has clearly been a difficult year on so many levels for each one of us around the world. And with that, spending time with our loved ones have been the priority above all else. It was all about being present in the moment and spending quality time with people around us.


This year end initiative has brought our stakeholders together closer to the society, acknowledging the fact that the real magic lies in staying connected with each other – be it virtually or in person. Thus, BP Smiles took a step forward to end the year on a positive note and we plan to do a lot more of such activities this year and years to come!