Take Notes!


Few things in life promote the nostalgia one gets from the distinctive “smell” of stationery! It is a universal feeling everyone can relate to regardless of their age. Buying stationery of every sort is a wonderful experience – an experience children enjoy the most. Before we continue, what exactly does stationery mean?

Not to be confused with the physics term (stationery), stationery refers to a wide range of items, generally used for an academic purpose. The first stationery stores that were made centuries ago were made around colleges and universities as a way to facilitate students by providing them the necessary items. Today, stationery items have far surpassed their basic demand of just providing equipment for educational purposes and now offer an array of items.

Whether it be notebooks of all shapes and sizes, hundreds of different pens and pencils, sketchbooks, D.I.Y equipment, and a plethora of more items, stationery items offer the unlimited potential of what can be done; far surpassing the regular “pen and paper” model, they were based on. 

Even though originally stationery shops were usually situated in and around universities, today, they can be found in pretty much every location, selling more than just “stationery” – often progressing to becoming a toy store as well. Yet, we often find these newfound stationery stores to be rather lackluster with what they sell. They either lack the quality, the quantity or usually, a combination of both. 

For many of us, our expectations of going to a stationery store revolve around the simple fact that they will sell all the necessary items that we need at an affordable price. Nowadays, that is becoming a far-fetched reality than anything else. The evident drop in quality with an exponential increase in price is testament to the fact that. Where do kids (and even adults) look for good quality stationery items at affordable prices?

Fortunately for everyone, Bachaa Party has you covered! We offer the widest range of stationery for all ages whether it’s themed pencil box sets, pen sets, markers, crayons, sketchbooks, whiteboards, and so much more! Bachaa Party has the widest range of stationery items featuring only the best quality items at very affordable prices!