Swaddling Babies: Is It Good Or Bad?

Wrapping Sheets

Have you ever wondered why every newborn baby is tightly wrapped (swaddled) right after they’re born? Ask any mother, and she’ll tell you that this was just how it has always been done, and it’s something they’ve learned from their mother. The fact of the matter is, the truth isn’t too far from this!

The earliest depiction of swaddled babies goes back over 4500 years, throughout Rome and Greece. Back in those days, swaddling included using strips of cloth similar to bandages. It was also customary for swaddled babies to have their whole bodies and their heads covered, leaving only the face exposed. Swaddling with linen wraps was a tedious process but was done so diligently.

In modern times, swaddling has proven to be a very effective method of putting babies to sleep. It allows babies to sleep properly and stops parents from worrying if the baby will move itself in its sleep. Swaddled babies have fewer awakenings at night. The materials used differ greatly, but the general idea has remained the same. Breathable cotton is the go-to material for swaddling babies. 

The only problem is getting the “tightness” of the wrap correct. It obviously cannot be too tight that it causes problems for the baby, and it can also not be too loose that the baby wiggles out of it. This used to be a rather cumbersome procedure, but luckily pre-wrapped wrapping sheets make it easy to coddle the baby with little to no effort. These often come in a T or Y shape and have specialized “wings,” making it even easier to provide a custom fit per the baby’s size.

As the baby grows older, however, the type of swaddle and the baby wrap used need to be altered. Care must be taken that it is not too tight to cause discomfort, especially if the baby is old enough to maneuver itself.

Swaddling a baby is dependent on how good the wrapping sheets is. A good quality wrapping sheets can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a night-long crying session. It is imperative that you choose the best option for the wrapping sheets, but where? 

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