Remote Controlled Toys - Not Just Remote Controlled Anymore!

Remote Controlled Toys

With the progression of technology, every aspect of our lives has been changed for the best. Whether it’s our mobile phones, our computers, our cars, to even our healthcare and many other public facilities. Of course, children’s toys weren’t forgotten in this race of development, and they too have come a long way.

Remote controlled toys and cars have been around since 1950s, but back then they were too impractical. Technology was only slowly improving and those clunky, giant radio controlled cars worked with at least a dozen batteries – no longer than an hour if you were lucky! It’s unsurprising how little were sold until the 1980s and 1990s, when technology improved – as did the toy’s longevity, and they became much more practical as a toy.

By then, there were radio-controlled toys for a wide number of things. From cars and trucks, to mechatronics such as dolls, action figures and more. They were much more durable and reliable than their predecessors and reassured hours of fun. As with everything else, remote-controlled planes and helicopters made a surprising comeback too, beginning a lasting “RC Hobbyists” club that still persists to this day.

It’s fair to say remote control toys have come a very long way. Now, in 2021, Remote controlled toys are on a league of their own. Most (if not all) now have their own rechargeable batteries which last x10 longer than regular cells. They have much wider range and are exponentially more durable than what came before them. In fact, there are RC cars for every situation. You can easily find RC car for indoors or outdoors for paved roads, RC cars for dirt roads, RC boats, RC helicopters, RC planes and more recently, RC Drones.

It is important to note how far the word “Radio-Controlled” has come during these years. Most of the newer RC toys don’t even use RC – they can connect via a smartphone and provide full access through it. Drones in particular use this quite often as the smartphone not only works as a device to control it, but also to display the camera output most drones have. 

For kids, an entry-level remote control toy can help develop a engaging and fruitful hobby that can last a lifetime. The question that arises is, where does one find good quality remote control toys in the first place? Bachaa Party has solved this problem by offering every eager child with a vast range of both battery operated and rechargeable RC toys for them to enjoy. Whether its RC cars or RC planes and helicopters, they have it all!