PUBG Fanatics rejoice!

Toy Guns

Toy guns have been around for as long as guns! Every guy can claim to have at least one Toy guns during his childhood. Whether it was a stick that resembled a gun or a cardboard one, they have been around for a long time! It's no surprise Toy guns in Pakistan are so popular even to this day. 

They have come a long way from what they used to be. Toy guns have primarily subdivided themselves into specific categories:

For starters, imitation guns are probably the first type of "gun" toy any child would get. They usually feature loud sounds and colorful lights and are usually toys for babies for this specific purpose. It's a good way for them to roleplay and learn about the importance of a gun – and a valuable asset for every cop and robber's game!

For kids 10+, BB guns are usually their go-to choice. With the ability to shoot high-speed plastic pellets, they are a lot of fun IF played with the proper protection gear and never shot at each other. Sadly, this is not the case in Pakistan, and hence BB guns have faced a lot of government scrutiny. The only reason they maintained their popularity is due to games like PUBG, which has popularized these weapons and made them a household name everywhere. 

Water guns are the perfect relief for every hot summer day. With time, their design, as well as their water capacity, has increased exponentially, and they possess the ability to shoot water over a dozen feet! Nothing beats the fun of using a Water guns while at the beach or by the pool – or any excuse to cool down. Water guns have remained popular throughout their launch and continue to see a large number of kids who like them.

Finally, there is the soft bullet, also known as the Nerf guns. These come in dozens of different styles and feature foam bullets which do not hurt when hit. The outcome? Kids can play to their heart's content without parents worrying about them getting hurt. They get the realism of getting "hit," and the foam bullets couldn't even hurt a fly if it tried! For the PUBG fanatics, the foam bullet guns are the best choice for them to enjoy PUBG in real life while keeping safe.

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