Necklaces – Keeping Up With Tradition

Chains & Necklace

Necklaces are amongst the oldest forms of jewelry to date. The earliest renditions of these were made of fancy stones and shells. Archeologists have found signs of prehistoric graves decorating the dead with necklaces made of glass beads. Amongst other things, necklaces soon evolved to become a status symbol, with gold chain necklaces often denoted to something a King/royalty would wear as it was a mark of wealth. 

For the longest time, necklaces were primarily only made of metals, and that too with precious metals such as gold and silver. However, with the passage of time and the increasing rarity of these metals, faux metal necklaces became common as they offered the same look and feel like the real thing without the hefty price tag that followed suit. 

Children have been no exception to the use of necklaces, and history has shown time and again that kids played a major role in the type of necklaces they wore. Each necklaces showcased the importance of the child and often served as a form of identification. This was so intricately done that in some civilizations, the assortment of beads and gems signified which level of royalty the child hailed from!

Currently, there are several dozen types of necklaces. The ones listed below make up a significant portion of the type of necklacesthat you can get today:

  1. Bib necklace
  2. Chain necklace
  3. Choker
  4. Collar necklace
  5. Graduated Necklace
  6. Lariat Necklace
  7. Matinee Necklace
  8. Multi-colored string
  9. Opera necklace
  10. Plastron necklace
  11. Princess necklace
  12. String necklaces
  13. Tassel necklaces
  14. Thread necklaces
  15. Torque necklaces
  16. Twisted necklaces

These necklaces can be made from anything from beads to crochet to gold/silver to pearls and even leather. Boys often prefer wearing chains with pendants, which are rising in popularity over the years. Chains make up a considerable number of “necklaces” categories, with a variety of different chains of different sizes and widths becoming available. Silver and gold remain the most popular, but platinum is also a strong contender when it comes to the types of chains. 

With the rising trend in both chains and necklaces for kids, Bachaa Party strives to provide the best possible variants of both necklaces and chains, made of the highest quality materials to ensure the metals used do not cause skin irritation or problems. This guarantees that your child’s outfit is complete whilst eliminating the need to worry about quality!