Musical Toys And Cognitive Development

Musical Toys

Music is an expression of joy and happiness; everyone enjoys listening and dancing to music; children are not an exception to this. Babies sway their fists or bounce when they hear music and even sleep to soothing lullabies. Toddlers love to sing and dance to nursery rhymes. This is a great way to promote the understanding of language and memorization.

Playing with musical toys can help in the early development of a child as it promotes creativity and improves cognitive development. Research shows that introducing kids to music at a young age can have a positive impact on a kid’s intellectual growth, and it can even spark an interest in the child, which can then turn into a passion for music later in life. Children who get musical training early on have overall better literacy, and they can learn to recognize different sounds and understand the meanings of words. Babies who play with musical toys and are exposed to music have better brain function and communication skills. Shakers and rattles are some musical toys that babies play with. These are safe to play with and easy to hold, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.   

Musical toys are also fun to play with as kids are fascinated by the different sounds they can make with the toy; it is hard to get bored. Drums, keyboards, xylophones, wooden guitars are some of the favorite toys among young kids. As musical instruments are quite expensive, musical toys are a great alternative for little ones to get exposure to music at an early age. Parents should invest in musical toys as they have numerous benefits on the child’s development, and they can also be a stepping stone to learning other musical instruments later in life.

Playing music as a family is another great way to bond with your children as parents can be involved in the activities their kids enjoy. This can help in developing trust and understanding between you and your child. Other than this it is a fun activity that you can enjoy as a family and spend some time together. 

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