More Shoes Than You Thought!

Boys Shoes

When it comes to shoes, most boys opt for two things: style and comfort. Finding a mix of the two is often a rather difficult task. A good, comfortable shoe might be dubbed “ugly” by your child, and stylish is often more for show than anything else. When it comes to boys shoes in Pakistan, there’s a lot more that needs to be considered.

Depending on the age, boys shoes vary greatly. As they grow up, their needs differ, and so do their preferences. For babies and toddlers, they have no preference as such when it comes to shoes. For school-going kids, they prefer wearing whatever their friends like. Generally, most boys prefer comfortable shoes over anything else.

For every occasion, there are different types of shoes. For a formal setting, boys can wear Oxfords with a suit. This is usually a go-to shoe, especially for weddings and other special events. If not Oxfords, then Wingtips are a good alternative. The best of both worlds with these fancy shoes are the Suede Oxford wingtips, which offer a more casual look to these otherwise “serious” shoes. 

For most young boys, however, finding Oxfords might not be so easy. Hence. Loafers and Moccasins are the next best things. These are comfortable and stylish, and ditch the use of laces for an easy slip-on shoe that’s convenient to wear (and take off!) on any occasion. 

Most boys, however, will prefer wearing sneakers for most clothes. A simple, plain-colored or one with design can tie a whole outfit together. They come with rubber soles and dyed canvas materials, which make them great for walking and running or any other physical activity they might find themselves in. For boys that are even more active, trainers serve as a great way to emphasize comfort and durability. These are especially useful for sporty kids, but wearing them as-is offers great comfort with style as well.

To beat the heat, sandals, and flip-flops are a great alternative. They keep the foot exposed which keeps them cool, and are relatively lightweight. The only true drawback of them is they leave a nasty tan if they’re in the sun for too long!

Then lastly, are the different types of boots. All boots serve one primary purpose; to provide a rugged shoe that can withstand anything. What they lack in comfort, they make up in durability. Not the most practical choice for everyday use, but very useful for hiking or trekking. 

Whatever the type of boys shoes in Pakistan you buy, each has its own purpose and, in turn, its own message along with it. They are much more than a method of transportation and are the most essential part of any attire.