Congratulations! YOU ARE NOW A MOM! A small ball of happiness has just come to your house. You feel more ecstatic than ever! Why wouldn’t you be? You have just become a mother, and as beautiful as this experience is, no one ever tells what goes in the BTS of motherhood. 



 Being a new-mom can come with many mental and physical challenges. These challenges may stumble you but fret not! With a few basic guidelines and support from this blog by Bachaa Party, you’d be on your way to combat the daily ‘new-mom’ struggles!



Everything would be new to you, well, of course, everything is brand new to you since this is a whole new world that you are about to explore. New baby, baby’s clothesbaby’s accessories, the diapers, the toys, and much more—but you know what else is new? A NEW YOU! Finding your new mom-self will be a rocky and tacky road. Sometimes you will have good days and sometimes bad days, but always remember that every other day will bring you a thing or two to learn and grow. Let’s get started with some postpartum reasons that cause stress and how to relieve them.


Give yourself time to adjust:  

Everything takes time. Do you remember the very first time you needed to boil an egg? How many eggs were thrown in the dustbin because you would take them out too early or leave them on the stove for too long? It took you a couple of troubles to know that in 10 minutes, a hard-boiled egg would be ready to serve and savor.

 Just like this, with every new step of motherhood, you will realize how much more mistakes you need to make to learn the best for your baby. Never shy away from making mistakes. These mistakes would ensure that you are on your way to learning the things you have never known before. You must take your time to find the best treatment for your little one!


Manage your stress: 

Say YES to stress. It might sound like a mountain that is too high to climb. But what is life without stress? You like this or not, there would always be factors to distress you. Then you must wonder, what is it that I can do to manage my stress? What you can switch is your approach to address the issues that are stressing you out. To change the way you think, you should read and gain as much knowledge as you can. To find the groups with similar interests as yours on social media like Instagram and Facebook can do wonders. There are many social media groups available where you can find friendly people, and are often dedicated to parents and their children where you can engage with other moms and be able to share your experiences. This is a great way to ensure that you are not alone. 

Being a mother is not easy. You may also feel like you are failing to adjust in a new role and this would easily flood your mind with negative thoughts-engaging with other moms would give you a feeling of reassurance and many new ideas & initiatives that may befall as productive for you and your baby.



Your body will change:  

Although you have just given birth to a baby- you somehow still feel the same you might even still look months pregnant after your delivery but that is completely normal. You may not be back to your pre-pregnancy weight but that does not mean it’s impossible to lose your post-pregnancy weight. This situation can become a little tricky, as everything is not achieved quickly or easily, you need to heal your body and let the time take care of it. All you need to ensure is to make good choices. Look after your diet and increase healthy activities in your lifestyle, going out in the park with your baby in the stroller and taking a brisk walk will positively aid your and your baby’s health. 


There is no ME-time:

For many new moms, it is impossible to find the time for themselves, especially in the first few years of the baby. Although finding time for yourself can indeed be struggling, you can always find your resort on the internet. How about changing your ME time to MEME time? It might sound a little irrational, but memes can contribute in a great way to your mental health and bring a smile to your face. What else you can do is: taking out quickly 4-5 minutes in the morning or night, whenever your baby is asleep, to meditate, and focus on breathing in and out. It will ease out all the tensions in your mind and muscles. If your adolescent is not letting you have your time, you can always find engaging and learning toys for your kids, this will help you in getting some time in your hands to do your activities

Mental Health:

 And finally, your mental health. As a parent, keeping everything intact and in place can take a massive toll on your head and can lose your peace of mind. Just like everything else in your life, manage and set the time beforehand. You need to remember that one bad day, doesn’t make you a bad mom. It will take you some time to adjust to this role but remember that you will eventually get there. If mom would take care of herself, only then she would be able to look after her baby.