Lunchboxes – Carrying Goodness All Around!


It’s a well-documented fact that the meals children eat at home/from home are both nutritious and delicious. They are far better for their health than whatever they would eat at their school cafeterias. It’s no surprise that school lunch-boxes have been around since schools have been in existence, but it wasn’t till 1902 till commercial lunch boxes as we know them today came into being. 

Most people who were employed at the time brought their own lunch boxes, and children saw the need to mimic it and hence brought their own lunch with them. By the 1930s, themed lunch boxes began to gain notoriety, with Mickey Mouse being the face of some of the first cartoon lunch boxes. Lunch boxes were primarily made of metal as it kept food at whatever temperature it was for longer, and helped designs get printed on it for cheaper as well. Designs included cartoon characters to famous TV shows and movie characters.

The problem with metal lunchboxes at the time was that they were relatively pricey to produce, and were losing popularity – fast. By the late 1970s, metal lunch boxes lost most of their notoriety and were replaced for the cheaper, plastic variants. These were greeted with much support as not only were plastic lunchboxes cheaper, they were also “safer” in case kids got into a fight!

Plastic lunch boxes allowed them to be manufactured in a variety of different shapes and sizes, as well as have notable characters printed on them. This allowed parents to buy a new lunchboxes for every school year too since they were so cheap. 

Although plastic lunch boxes are still popular, many new parents are opting towards getting metal lunch boxes again. Mainly because certain plastics have been linked for health concerns. Luckily, Bachaa Party stocks both variants of lunch boxes, and diligently makes sure the plastic lunch boxes that they sell are of non-toxic, food grade variants that are perfectly safe to use. With hundreds of options of themed and plain lunch boxes, there’s just about something for every child – and the peace of mind for their parents to know they will eat fresh, home cooked meals only. Buy the best lunch boxes and more only at Bachaa Party!