Kids Toys - A Pricey Investment Or Plastic Trash?

Toys For Kids

If there’s a cartoon about it, or if it’s a popular video game, there are bound to be toys about it. Children’s toys are some of the highlights of childhood itself. Everyone has fond memories related to some of their favorite childhood toys. This isn’t something new; kids toys have been prevalent for thousands of years. Archaeologists have found that several ancient civilizations, such as the Aztecs, Sumerians, and Mayans, all had wooden and clay toys that were made exclusively for children. It goes without saying, toys are very important!

Research has shown just how vital toys can be for a child’s development. The different types of toys kids play with help teach them many valuable skills they would need in their life. Toys help develop problem-solving skills and teach about conflict resolution as well as help develop essential motor functions. 

Kids can begin to benefit from toys from just one-month-old. For infants and toddlers, sensory play toys help the most in their physical and mental development. Different shapes, sizes, and materials help develop hand-eye coordination as well as an introductory level concept of depth perception. Problem-solving toys such as shaped bricks play a vital role in a baby’s development as they get to learn cause and effect. From button mobile phones (not actual phones!), stacking blocks, and musical toys, all of them can aid with early development. 

At a year old, babies need more mobile toys such as walkers, soft toys, and additional learning toys such as number blocks and alphabets. Although they might not understand what that means, it is important to get them familiarized with the terms.

At two years old, more active toys, in addition to learning toys, become important for children. It’s a good time to get them a tricycle or a small cycle with training wheels to further their motor skills. It’s also a great age for them to try writing on dry-erase whiteboards or just let them go crazy with a coloring book! Simple books with animals and objects can also be introduced at this age which will help their cognitive functions as well.

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