Indoor Fun? Not Impossible!

Board Games

Many of our childhood memories revolve around staying up all night playing board games with our family. The laughs we shared with them on those rare occasions still echo in our minds despite the time that has passed—keeping that in check, the prevalence and popularity of board games have only increased with time. Especially after the pandemic hit, we have seen a rising increase in board games of all genres.

Naturally, Ludo has maintained its popularity throughout the years. Many different versions of it exist to this day, and even the board has seen many changes. Now, there are themed ludo boards, custom-built ludo boards, and even magnetic ludo boards! Despite these changes, the premise and rules of the game have remained the same. 

A close contender to Ludo is Monopoly. There are as many versions of Monopoly as there are ways to play it! Each family and group of friends play Monopoly with their own custom set of rules. With hundreds of different variants (and even introducing credit card-styled Monopoly!), it’s a game that no one can miss out on.

Many people estimated that board games would slowly come to an end, especially seeing the rise of board games online. Yet, the pandemic proved them wrong! Certain board games and tabletop games can simply never be replicated online (nor can the fun you have when you play with your family in person!). Many tabletop games made a smashing entry and gained widespread success. Games like Sequence, a game of chance and strategy, and Jenga, a tower stacking game, became wildly popular in Pakistan.  

If board games and tabletop games weren’t enough, the latest addition to all of these in Pakistan are the various card games that are available. A wide range of card games, with an ode to older card games like Pokemon, has resurfaced over the years. With people stuck at home for hours on end, they can only sit in front of a computer for so long! Finding a break from hours of screen time has never been easier thanks to the plethora of readily available board games and the selection of board games online to safely enjoy playing these games with friends and family without the risk of harming anyone.

Everyone in Pakistan looking to buy board games faces one grave problem – counterfeiting. So many board games are pirated with knock-off variants and sold locally that their abhorrent quality would drive even the most avid fan away! Fortunately, Bachaa Party comes to the rescue! They boast one of the broadest selection of board games for both kids and adults alike so everyone can enjoy. There is truly something for everyone only at Bachaa Party!