Independence Day Festivities

Independence Day Festivities

14th August is a time all of us as a nation can celebrate and commend the accomplishments of the great leaders and visionaries that made our country a reality. Everywhere the eye can see, from roads to streets, green and white decorate every corner. No Independence Day festivities are complete without kids actively participating in them!

Kids love to celebrate Independence Day with enthusiasm and vigor. Although it might be celebrated mostly at home this year, there’s still a lot that can be done to enjoy a good time celebrating the accomplishments of our country. The parties/events that are held in celebration of Independence Day are of immense importance as they allow children to instill a sense of patriotism and national pride

Banners that showcase the beauty of Pakistan flags in all sizes, whether outside the house or on a car, stickers on everything, pins on clothes and bags, caps, shirts, shorts – you name it! There are hundreds of different types of Independence Day clothes and accessories that match with anything and everything. Kids, in particular, have the most options to choose from. With a matching set complete, it’s nearly customary at this point to get the Pakistani flag face painted on as well! 

Here at Bachaa Party, we feel it is our responsibility to help promote the feeling of patriotism and National Pride for kids and adults. To facilitate this, we bring you a wide range of products specifically catered towards Independence Day festivities. Whether you need to get matching Pakistan-themed clothing sets for your kids, perhaps some Pakistani flag stickers, or practically any Independence Day themed item you can think of. 

As a local brand, we pride ourselves in selling only local-made Pakistani Independence Day products that ultimately only benefit the Nation!

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