How can you help your child with Remote Learning?

Since the pandemic shook the core of this world, the entire system has changed. Adjusting to the new ‘normal’ can be stressful.  Staying at home has become a mandatory part of daily lives for staying vigilant of the COVID-19 virus. It has certainly changed the dynamics of learning for children as well. From real-life learning to online classes, this transition can be hard to adjust for students, especially younger ones. Study time might be the only time kids would dislike using a computer.  Remote learning can ignite other behaviors in them that may show your child is struggling with school. How are you supposed to know that your child is struggling with school and how you can play your part to help them? Here are a few tips which you can follow:


Setting up a time-table:

The first step is setting up a time-table. While kids are away from school, they are not going to follow their original time-table. What you can do is, get inspired by their school time-table and make one of your own. This way, the kid would have to follow that time-table just the way they do at school. Organize their lunchtime, study time, and their off time. If you help them know the timings of the activities, make sure you stick to them. In this manner, kids would have a sense of significant tasks that they need to do. Make sure to add some playful activities in-between the study time so children can re-energize and get back to study with their full focus and attention. 


Ways to support your child in learning when you don’t know the content:

This is a part where every mom gets stuck. How can you help the children if you don’t know what they study? Take this as an opportunity to grow with your child. Education is all about learning and growing. It is even better if you and your child bond during the classes. Learning should never scare anyone, if you worry you cannot do your best, make the internet your best friend. You can find everything that you wish to know. This is one of the powerful ways you can adapt to make remote learning fun. Do not let this time be a burden on your child, having a parent to walk with can make study time fun and loving. This way they can efficiently learn what they study and not feel dread about it.


Change their environment:

Pick a nice spot for study time. Be creative with their environment, choose a comfortable table and a chair. Renovate a secluded area in their room with all the school supplies at one hand distance. Your participation in making study-time fun will spark a pinch of curiosity in your child. There is a saying that goes ‘Children see, Children do’. Start to show your interest in their study time, this will simultaneously increase their interest as well.  Environments have great impact over health. With the right environment, kids are able to learn faster & better.


Be their Support:

Everyone needs support. No matter your role as a teacher, parent, or student, all of us are struggling in one way or another. We need to understand other situations and develop patience. You might think 'it should be easy for students to learn. They even went to school' but guess what, it is not as easy as we anticipate. Just like how we decide to cook something new for the family, we need to know the recipe from scratch, even if we have been cooking our entire lives. Either you are trying a new recipe or starting a new hobby, you start from scratch. Similar is the case for your kids. Give them some time to settle in this new system and the environment. Be their cheerleader when they do good, and be patient when they mess up. Eventually, they will grasp the idea and be fluent in it better than ever.


If your kids get cranky, try giving them time:

Many parents complain that their kids have gotten cranky and moody, but they hardly ever know the reason. If you are a working mom, it is even harder for you to take out time for your kids. To get other things aligned, you might be forgetting to give the right amount of attention but there is always a solution to everything. Make sure every night you are communicating with your children about their daily lives and yours. Try to spend quality time with your child during the quarantine. Check some of the ideas on how you can do that here. It will not only strengthen your bond but will help you build a friendship as well. Once the friendship is built, it becomes easier for the child to share their thoughts and stories.