Hair Ornaments – A Long Lasting Tradition

Hair Ornaments

For thousands of years, items such as hair bands, bows, hairpins, ribbons, combs, beads, barrettes, threats, sticks, and countless other objects have been used to decorate hair either for aesthetic value or cultural value. Many ancient civilizations valued the hair accessory as something both beautiful and functional. And while almost everyone in these historical contexts had access to some sort of hair accessory for everyday purposes, the difference in the material often worked to mark class distinctions.

Depending on the length of the hair, there are different types of hair ornaments that can be worn accordingly. Their primary purpose is the same – to keep the hair away from the face and perhaps do it with some style. The most common variety amongst these clips, also known as alligator clips, which come in many sizes (from the size of a finger to the size of a palm). 

Another common option is barrettes, which are generally smaller than hair clips and are mostly used to hold back hair from the face. Depending on the size of the barrette, they can be put anywhere on the head and they will do their job diligently.

Perhaps the most common article for hair ornaments is hairbands, which are simply worn on top of the head and come in a variety of different shapes and materials. They can be anything from ornamental to something that serves an actual purpose. Just as common as hairbands are hairpins which have a similar use as a barrette. 

Finally, there are elastic hair ties, which come in a variety of different shapes and materials but all serve the same primary purpose of having elasticity which allows them to be worn with any hairstyle. A similar variant to this is scrunchies. 

The problem with these hair ornaments is that the aforementioned ones only make up a small fraction of all the available types that people use. Due to their sheer number, there are many bootleg/low-quality counterparts that are not only uncomfortable to use, but are frankly a waste of money. 

To combat this issue, Bachaa Party boasts one of the widest selection of hair ornaments for every hair length and sells only premium quality hair ornaments which are comfortable and stylish. After all, keeping up with trends is partly the reason for hair ornaments – people have been using hair ornaments to match trends for thousands of years, after all!