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Boys Loafers

What was once considered a slang for a “useless” person, loafers have come a long way to get their identity changed into becoming something meaningful and worthwhile! The first loafers were invented in 1847 as comfortable, slip-on house shoes for the royal family. These shoes quickly became marketed throughout Europe as their comfortable design and easy-to-manufacture process made it a thing to desire for the rich as well as the poor.

In Europe, loafers were spread by Norwegians under the name of “Aurland Mocassin.” By the 1930s, the design had spread to America where it was officially dubbed as “loafers” since it was a lazy, slip-on shoe. Initially, it was designed to be a shoe worn at home. It had soft soles and was comfortable, and easy to put on and take off when needed. With time, they began to get styled. Americans would put pennies in-between the slits which coined the name “penny loafers.”

By the 1950s, cultural amalgamation brought forth better designs for the loafers. They went from being simple house-shoes, to semi-formal business attire. By the 1960s, they were paired with suits and in 1966, Gucci added the iconic metal strap across the loafers. Wearing loafers soon became the unspoken “uniform” of Wall Street.

Today, loafers are primarily wore in business attire or smart-casual attire. With time, loafers became popular for children as well – why should they miss out! All the best designs with the best quality of loafers now come in sizes for boys as well. There are also specialized loafer-socks which give the illusion that the person is not wearing any socks to begin with – how loafers were meant to be made. Regardless, they have came a long way from there 100+ year history and have become a staple for all “proper” outfits. 

Whether it’s leather, faux-leather or pleather, loafers come in all shapes, sizes and now, even colors! loafer for girls are just as common and can be worn with a large number of outfits for every occasion. loafer shoes for boys have a fairly high selection to choose from, which is no surprise.

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