Evolution Of The Baby Stroller

Baby Stroller

For as long as humans have been around, we have found ingenious ways to carry our children. Several thousand years ago, during the early era of humanity, where a considerable number of people had nomadic lifestyles, carrying a baby was seen as a liability, more than a necessity. To carry a baby with both hands meant you were left defenseless against any oncoming threat, hence why caregivers of that time had to live a much more sedentary lifestyle. 

Of course, human ingenuity is never-ending, and many ingenious methods were culminated to carry babies. From cloth slings, which was a rudimentary version of a tote bag, to woven baskets and even backpacks. These were some of the first methods of carrying babies hands-free. Not only did this get the job done, but it allowed for far greater mobility. 

Even today, these basic styles from thousands of years ago are still present (much more advanced, of course, but the basic idea has remained the same). With time, technological advancements increased in every manner of living, which gave birth to baby strollers.

The first baby strollers was made by William Kent, a landscape architect, for the Duke of Devonshire. It was originally meant as a way for the Duke to amuse his children with these “rides” while also being a practical way to transport babies without having to carry them. These baby carriages were an immediate success and were sought after by wealthy families. The difference was, these strollers weren’t meant to be pushed but rather pulled, either by dogs, goats or ponies.

It wasn’t until another 100 years till Benjamin Crandall made a new design, which allowed it to be pushed. The strollers failed to get widespread notoriety and was considered another plaything of the elite. 

It wasn’t till the turn of the century that the use of baby strollers became practical. With more places having paved roads, it became easier to maneuver these strollers and became a useful-yet-practical mode of transportation for children. 

In today’s day and age, baby strollers are a must-have necessity for every parent. Whether they’re out shopping, or just enjoying the weather. Baby strollers come in all manners of design and are ready to use on practically every type of road. They also feature additional safety features such as autolocking brakes, and a much more stable wheel-base, so they don’t tip over. 

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