Bottle Warmers: A Vital Necessity For A Healthy Baby

Bottle Warmers

For every baby, there is an inevitable time where they will have to switch to a bottle, and will stay on the bottle for a considerable amount of time. Naturally, it is common sense that a baby be given warm milk, but achieving that “warm” is often a challenge.

A baby must be given milk that is slightly below body temperature. To warm milk, the first option most new parents or soon-to-be parents might consider is “Why not just microwave it?” The problem is, a microwave does not heat liquids evenly and it will create “hot spots” which could possibly burn your baby’s mouth. There is also belief that a microwave can destroy important nutrients that are found in milk.

For the most part, most people simply put refrigerated milk in a bottle put in a bowl of hot water. This tried and tested method has been used for generations (even before refrigerators existed!). However, this too is risky as convection currents cause the milk to become hot at the top of the bottle and cool at the bottom.

To make things easier, parents should opt for a Bottle warmer. These warmers are specifically designed to heat milk/baby formula quickly without creating hot spots that would occur in microwaves. Additionally, most come with an automatic shut-off feature which prevents the bottle from overheating. 

If you’re thinking why a Bottle warmer is necessary when a bowl of hot water can provide similar results, know that a simple mishap could harm your baby. Whereas a Bottle warmer will consistently have the same results, every single time. Bottle warmer are a great investment that can serve their purpose diligently. 

With so many options to choose from, here are a few key elements to keep in mind when it comes to Bottle warmer:

  • Size: Make sure the Bottle warmer you use has the same size bottles as all your other baby bottles so it’s easy to transfer them
  • Capacity: Bottle warmer come with several capacities, for one, two, three and even four bottles at once. Depending on your need, which one would be more suitable for you?
  • Ease of use: Would you prefer to stick to the traditional method of warming bottles or like the Bottle warmer to do the heavy lifting for you?
  • Budget: With everything, Bottle warmer come in a range of prices. Which one suits you best?

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