Booties Before They Walk? Not As Uncommon As You Think!

Baby Booties

Long before a baby learns how to sit, crawl or even walk, parents all over prefer to make them wear booties on their little feet. What some might deem as unnecessary, baby booties are very important for a number of reasons.

Although babies don’t exactly need booties or shoes before they can walk, they are an important part of not just the attire they wear but also for their health and safety. Baby booties come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials. From cotton to wool, hand-crocheted to even designer! Why do parents feel the need for babies to wear booties?

For starters, they prove invaluable when it comes to keeping warm. Socks can be easily removed by babies (as most do). Infants who are too young to remove socks themselves cry till someone does it for them, proving just how uncomfortable it can get for everyone. However, socks with booties not only help keep their feet warm, but baby booties provide additional protection, especially when outside. In Pakistan, baby booties have the added function of protecting babies from mosquitos and other dangerous insects that can cause harm to the baby’s health.

Booties also help when babies learn to crawl/walk and have to walk on a hard surface, such as tiles, wood, or marble flooring. Since these are most susceptible to temperature change, they also pose an added challenge of lack of friction, which could cause them to trip and fall. Baby booties come especially in handy for this scenario and help with keeping their feet warm and providing additional friction. 

For infants, some parents crochet the booties themselves! This serves as a productive hobby whilst simultaneously making something very useful for their babies as well. They’re easy to learn and act as a stepping stone to learning how to crochet more things.

It is worth mentioning that baby booties are not advisable to wear for the whole day. Ideally, a baby’s feet should not be wearing any type of clothing/socks. The only exception to this is if it’s very cold. Booties generally help babies get accustomed to wearing shoes.

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