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Baby Bedding & Bath

Choosing bedding for your baby is often thought of as a simple enough task. As a parent, you pick what you deem could be the most comfortable bedding for your baby. But, often times, this is not the case. There are certain fixed rules you need to follow when it comes to baby bedding which could, quite literally, mean the difference between life or death!

For starters, a sturdy crib is the first necessity. For infants, putting them to sleep is a difficult enough task on its own, so a crib with hanging toys can be quite helpful. The next is picking out a good mattress that fits tightly around the entire crib. A good test for every mattress is that two fingers fit tightly between the crib and the mattress. To avoid spills, sheets or waterproof mattress covers can be used. Keep in mind, the mattress needs to be as sturdy as possible to promote proper growth. 

As tempting as it is to tuck your baby with cozy-looking blankets, soft bedding is a suffocation hazard for infants. Infant sacks and sleepers are a better alternative than heavy comforters. Another thing to keep in mind is to not let your baby have any pillows in its crib till it is at least two-years-old and has transitioned to sleeping in a bed.

When it comes to giving babies a bath, that’s a challenge in itself! Luckily, they only need to be given a bath no more than 2-3 times a week, that too with warm water should suffice. It’s especially important to never leave babies alone in the bath by themselves (not even for a second!). Prior to giving them a bath, make sure you have all the necessary things an arms-length away – their clothes, no-tears shampoo, baby powder, lotion, towels and washcloths, and any special creams/ointments that your baby uses. 

Some more important tips for giving baby baths is to never add extra water once the baby is inside the bath. At any given time, make sure to support the baby’s head (if they’re an infant), or make sure they are sitting comfortably with no chance of slipping (if they can sit/crawl/walk). 

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