Babies And Their Jump To Solid Food

Feeding Supplies

Good quality feeding supplies can make or break a baby's appetite. As picky of an eater as they are, a lot of things apart from the flavor and texture of the food can appeal to babies; feeding supplies play an instrumental role in this. Realistically, you do not need many supplies to get started, but certain things are handy to have.

For infants, there are hundreds of different brands of baby bottles and feeders to choose from. As important as the bottles are, so are the various devices for disinfecting; almost as many as there are devices for keeping bottles warm! The same applies to pacifiers, an essential item for any teething baby (or babies switching to a bottle). 

After six months old, every baby needs to slowly be introduced to solid foods. There is no better way than to let them use spoons. However, for obvious reasons, the regular silver and stainless steel cutlery we use cannot be used by babies. Babies have their own set of specially designed utensils and bowls made from food-grade, highly processed, non-toxic materials that go through x10 more scrutiny than regular household products.

Soft spoons are the perfect options to teach babies how to not only use utensils, but it improves their motor function and hand-eye coordination. With the soft spoons, they do not injure gums if a baby hits their mouth too hard! Usually, around this time, babies begin teething, and that's where soft, chewy teething spoons come in handy. Babies not only get to eat their favorite meals but also can gnaw on them to soothe themselves.

The thing is, you can't expect babies to keep themselves clean! So bibs and baby wipes are a must. Bibs will keep the babies' clothes clean (for the most part!) and prevent their clothes from getting tough stains in the first place. 

Food stains, as well as liquid stains, can be prevented via sippy cups and washable mats. Apart from these, there's a myriad of other feeding supplies in Pakistan that are readily available at Bachaa Party at the most affordable prices featuring some of the best brands available anywhere. Bachaa Party boasts a selection of handpicked premium quality feeding supplies for babies with one of the largest varieties available in Pakistan anywhere!