6 Ways You Can Promote Reading Habits at Home

Reading is a habit everyone should experience once. What if I tell you that traveling to a whole new world, escaping reality, and embarking on a journey that is beautiful, fun, and magical at the same time, and most of all, traveling even when your pockets are empty is entirely possible? That’s right. Reading books is your go-to option for such experience. It is not only fun but have many benefits for mind; it also helps in improving your vocabulary. If your first thought is, how do you even develop such habit amongst your kids?

No need to fear, as I tell you some ways you can adopt to ignite reading culture at home. The habit which is the cheapest and easiest way you can travel the magical places without spending a penny!

Here are 6 ways you can promote reading culture at your home:


Maintain your environment:

As the old saying goes, ‘children see, children do’. This has a lot to do with the habits you adopt as a parent which will eventually transfer to your children. To generate a healthy environment for reading, parents need to make one. If you focus on your interest in reading by maintaining a library, book club, or small reading circle with your children or friends, this can contribute big time to your child’s habits. To help your kids develop any habits, it is quite significant to understand the dynamics of development. Human is a product of its environment and once you are able to set an environment within your home capacity, it will be considered a big milestone and you are only few steps away from grabbing your child’s attention.


    Have a Marathon:

      Marathons are a great way to kick-start an entirely new habit. What you can do is pick up your favorite series, let your child pick their favorite which interests them. And COMPETE! This way will spark a sense of competition among kids as they love to be the first in everything. Another important step for Marathon is to have incentives. You may need to make sure that your child is not reading only for the reason that it gets a cookie at the end of it! You need to make them familiar with the reading habit and to prolong it, you may want to have a discussion on the books both of you have read.


      Go Book Shopping: 

      Take your kid and go book shopping. When they are between the aisle, among the fragrance of newly printed books; It will surely catch their attention. Going to book stores will give them a variety of books that can be read. Reading is not about sticking to a specific genre. Kids usually love the colorful, creative, and fun layout of books. It is entirely okay if they pick a comic book to read, a coloring book, a storybook, or even a novel that interests them. Going to book shopping will give them many fun ideas to continue the reading habit. 


        Host a Little Book Club:

        Gather your circle and host a book club or party. Having one or more reading partners will motivate the kids to pick a book themselves and join the club. Pick a book of the week, and at the end of the week, a book party will help in discussing the things they have read and know their thoughts about it. Dialogues are another fun way to sustain an interaction with other people, where children would pour their knowledge about the certain book they have read together. 


        Re-enact The Books You Read:

        Never underestimate the power of visuals! Having visuals will make the reading time ten times more interesting. Your child would see the things they have read on the paper, and it would just double the fun and experience. IF you are reading out your child, make sure you add minor hand gestures and fun actions to support your reading time. This will not be tiring for your child and they would want to do it again and again! 

        Know your Child Habits:

        As a parent, it becomes super important to get to know your child. Remember, there is never a right way to do things. Every child is different, their habits, their thought process, their likes, and their dislikes. Prioritize your child’s health and preferences before anything else and rest, just be creative to adapt the reading culture along the standards being set by your child. Because at the end of the day, your kid should not feel forced into acquiring a habit-no matter good or bad. The more natural the process would be the easier and merrier it would become. 

          Reading is a great substitute to keep your child engaged, rather than giving mobile gadgets, give them books to read.  Children usually get the hang of mobile phones and stick to them like a leech. Don’t be a parent that allows the child to do whatever they want, build their habits from an early age, and in the end, just don’t forget to enjoy the process!