Baby Girl

It’s time to find the right dress to give you little princes a perfect look! Bachaa Party knows it can be exhausting for you to go out and do research. So, enjoy hassle-free shopping and discover everything that you need for your baby girl at Bachaa Party. Transmit the natural sweetness of your baby girl with our cute and trendy baby girl clothes collection.Give your girl a freedom to move, climb and play around with the decorative touch of our latest baby girl clothing collection.

We have specially designed our kid’s clothes with the touch of feminine sparkle to give your princes a subtle look! So don’t hesitate for any further,buy baby girl clothes now and style your daughter with our super comfortable collection to give her a focal point in style! Make sure your little one draws everyone’s attention at each step she takes. Our pure cotton fabric ensures the best quality, resistance, and comfort along with style.So, get your hands now and order your favourite item to make your baby a show stopper on any occasion. Without a doubt, Bachaa Party’s latest collection is basic that you must have in your little girl & wardrobe!


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  1. Girls T-Shirt Boss
  2. Girls T-shirt Girl
    Girls T-shirt Girl
  3. Girls T-shirt Swing
  4. Girls T-shirt Best Friend
  5. Girls T-shirt Cats
  6. Girls T-shirt Free Sprint
  7. Girls T-Shirt Frozen
  8. Infant Romper I Love Dad - Black
  9. Infant Romper I Love Dad - White
  10. Infant Romper I Love Mom - White
  11. Infant Romper I Love Mom - Black
  12. Infant Romper Little Girl - Yellow
  13. Infant Romper Cousins - Red
  14. Infant Romper Kulfi - Green
  15. Infant Romper Nap - Sky Blue
  16. Infant Romper Nap - Pink
  17. Infant Romper Diaper Loading - White
  18. Girls Frill Romper Flower - Pink
  19. Girls Frill Romper Flower - Red
  20. Girls Frill Romper Butterfly - Red / Black
  21. Girls Frill Romper Butterfly - Purple / Black
  22. Girls Frill Romper Cherry - Red
  23. Girls Frill Romper Cherry - Black
  24. Girls Frill Romper Heart - White

Items 1-30 of 32

per page
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